A meeting of minds and cultures, Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Mazella and British-born Dove Palmer shared a history working as creative directors for one of the worlds
leading hair education companies before striking out to form an intriguing alliance named Mazella&Palmer.

What first interested you about your profession and what where your early years in the industry like?

We both started working with very different backgrounds, as one started his career as an assistant and the other had previously another career in a different craft.

What we both like in our industry is the “passion” that lays in every individual, we believe that we are a very unique craft in that way. We have the power to change our clients in a very short period of time and make them feel fantastic. What better way to connect with people!

Where do your style ideas come from?

Everything comes from the same backGround “Suitability”, at Mazella&Palmer we look for the individual first, then we create a tailor made look for them. Whether it is for cutting or colouring, it has to look good on the person. This is why we do not work with trends, as we believe it is too general to fit everyone and the individual need more research to create beauty.

Whom do you admire in the industry today?

Any person that aim to push our craft in greater level, from educator to students, Managers to Assistant, it is about loving what we do, learning knowledge and pass it on to the next person. This is the true power of our industry.

On the other side, the ones that we do not admire are the ones that have a strong ego that believes that they everything evolves around them!

What is fashion for you?

Well first of all Fashion is about taste! It is the beauty of individuality.

Mazella&Palmer loves Fashion and we do a lot of research on a constant basis for the choice of our future collection clothes.

What do you see as some of the main differences between the work of European stylists and those of your country?

Do you mean hair stylist? Or clothes stylist?

If it’s hair stylist:

We believe that there are 2 major differences between stylists, not only between continents but everywhere.

1- The hairdressers, which are more based around styling hair, manipulation of volumes and shapes throughout various drying techniques. This hairdressing is very popular around the world as this is the kind of work that most clients want. Hairdressers really creates beauty and alters facial features with blow-dry and the uses of spray to set the hair. It is a very important skill to have for the beauty aspect of our work.

2- The haircutters, which is based on shape construction with the haircut and not styling. Giving a more natural approach . This allow the clients to do their hair themselves very easily.

*But we believe that a good hair stylist today should excel in both cutting and styling!

If it’s clothes stylist:

We love french designers in Europe, we have been highly inspired by Pierre Cardin with his 60’s work for our latest collection “ArtWear” (wearable art). Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dior was also previously mentioned and used us as inspiration for past collection. We just love the elegance and flair that you can find in French Couture!

Outside Europe we love Japanese designers, there is some great name such as Yamamoto, Comme des garçon and Kenzo that have been very inspirational for us too. And to complete this list we will mention the “Master of Black” Rick Owens! Absolutely love his style!!!

What excites you the most about your profession? 

Everything, from an amazing past and history to today’s most intricate design!

Fashion is constantly evolving but same as our industry have a very strong Foundation!

What’s been your guiding philosophy?

Our all company is based on 2 moto:

1- “Not Just How to Cut Hair, But Why”

Working with a unique education system that we call “Universal”, giving all the information to our students in the most simple and effective way to understand and put into practice straight away in their salon after the course.

2- “Advantage Trough Technique”

When you understand techniques, there is no limit to creativity, wether for Salon work or Academy work.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

1- Being able to help our clients in their everyday lives in the salon or their academies.

2- Building a very strong team of educators that travels across the world to share their passion with others. (We run Mazella&Palmer like our own family, there is no difference)

What are your personal goals for the future?

Mazella&Palmer will open it’s first academy in London in 2017, our goal is to make this academy the very best that you can find in the industry and keeping on building the very best educator there is today.

How do you see the woman of today?

As always a great source of inspiration. A way for us to express our skills and make them even more beautiful!

Women today are very busy, they have sometimes a couple of jobs, looks after the kids and are very active with all the sports trends going on. So they need a great haircut to be able to save time the morning, something that need a minimum maintenance!

What is the secret of your success?

There is no secret to success, only hard work and dedication to your craft.

The one that work the hardest will be successful, there is no other way.

So keep learning and practice it a million time!

What is it that inspires you the most?

Inspiration is all around us, it is very important to keep an eye open. We are very fortunate even tho we travel a lot to have London as a Hub. London has a lot of exhibitions, museums, theatres and also an amazing street fashion scene varying fro areas to areas, so we have a King’s choice here!! (Or Queens 😉

In your opinion, is it necessary to travel, to stay at the top of your profession?

Traveling will always be a great way to open you to world, so in our experience as we travel in over 50 countries every year, YES it is essential. But also we believe that now with the social media, it is also a great way to see what is happening around the world from the confort of our own home. We believe that it is so important to keep up with world in order to stay up there in our profession.

Which is the country most further ahead in the field of hairstyling?

This is very hard to tell as know you have amazing individual everywhere around the globe, a few years back it was hard to see what is happening around the world if it was not in a hair magazine. Now with Facebook everyone showcase their work and i must say lots of countries are doing amazing! The rest is a matter a taste, too hard to tell.

And which is the country most famous for its hairstyling?

It always seems like the UK is the mecca of haircutting and France and Italy the mecca of Hairstyling. But please correct me if i am wrong..

What has been the greatest satisfaction of your career?

Seeing our students progression after the course and seeing their business grow through education, this is truly amazing, we have another saying: “Our Students Know, Practice Makes Perfect”.

Also we are asked every year to judge the Hairdressing awards in many countries. It is a great trust that the industry gives us

What is your message for “Queen International”?

We would like to thank Queen International and their readers for giving Mazella&Palmer this opportunity.

We work in an amazing profession and we are very fortunate to be able to touch people’s feelings in such a way.

Hopefully see you very soon.