Gianfranco Martini
Editorial Director
Owner of Advertising and Printing Services Srl and Editorial Director of Queen and Prince Magazine. With over 30 years of experience in the Beauty and Fashion world, he has helmed the worldwide expansion of his magazines. He has been present in the most important shows in every continent. His years of work have made Queen and Prince the successful magazines that are today.
Alessandra Piubello
Executive Editor
Writer and Journalist based in Verona. Profesional sommelier, convinced that “beauty shall save the World”. Over her long career has collaborated with national (Spirito diVino, Artù, Euposia, Cook_inc. Cucina e vini, Livein Magazine, James, Barolo&Co., Sommelier Veneto, Bubble’s) and International (Spirito diVino Asia, Decanter, Wine Picker, Vitisphere, Sommelier India) media. Collegiate member of the FIJEV, CWW, AIS, Donne del Vino, Accademia Italiana della Cucina, ASA, Gruppo Italiano Stampa Turistica. Author of many books and articles on the topic of Enogastronomic Tourism in Italy and the World.
Dante Franco
Digital Editor
Essayist and scientific communicator. He attended "Universidad de las Américas Puebla”, a top Mexican Institution, and graduated First Class with a major in Physics and minor in Literature. He has published over 405 essays in a broad range of international and well know Science and Journalism outlets both in print and online. He has won the "Xólotl" (2014) Prize for his "Exceptional contributions to Culture throughout the marriage of Science and Art" and has been a three time winner of the “National Undergrad Essay Competiton” (2014, 2015, 2016).