Lizzie Liros is 2014 Australian Bridal Hairdresser of the Year. She is an esteemed long hair specialist who is based in Sydney, Australia.
What first interested you about your profession?
My profession allows me to meet so many different people on a daily basis. I am constantly introduced to so many different cultures, trends and fashion styles that really allow me to grow and develop as a stylist.
What where your early years in the industry like?
The industry was a lot different back then, we had a lot less tools to work with and styling took much longer than it did today. We really are blessed in todays modern hairdressing times.
Where do your style ideas come from?
So many areas: fashion and hair magazines, social media, international runways, red carpet events, fashion campaigns. It varies on a daily basis.
Whom do you admire in the industry today?
Sharon Blain is and has always been my idol.
Give us your predictions for this season’s dominant hair trends. 
French rolls are coming back but with a new edge. Everything coming in to vogue is effortless with a lot of texture and flyways, we are seeing less structure this season.
How do you see the styles you create changing in the future?
I pride myself on being a very versatile stylist. Whilst my signature style is vintage, it is so important that I constantly evolve and change my techniches and styling methods to ensure my creations stay on trend and current to the consumer.
How do you keep up to date with the latest creative trends?
I listen to my clients wants and needs.
What is fashion for you?
A creative artistic representation of a persons individual style and personality.
What do you see as some of the main differences between the work of European stylists and those of your country?
I think Australia has a very versatile and open minded approach to hair fashion. As there are so many different cultures living in such close proximity to each other we really are a melting pot of influences and style trends.
What turns you on about this profession?
Everytime a client puts their faith in me to totally transform their hair, that gets me really excited.
What’s been your guiding philosophy?
Stay positive. Dont worry about what others are doing just be true to yourself.
What accomplishments are you most proud of?
My children and then my industry awards.
What’s your secret to keeping Clients happy?
Listening to them and being truthful with them. Deliver to what they want and what will suit them.
What are your personal goals for the future?
To open a chain of salons and be the Hair Director at New York Bridal Fashion Week.
How do you see the woman of today?
Independant and know exactly what they want.
What are the main differences between a hairdresser and a succesful hairstylist?
Passion. Myself I would work for free I am so passionate about what I do, you need this drive if you really want to succeed as a top stylist.
What is the secret of your success?
I have a strong personal drive and sence of self worth , I want the most out of my life and to inspire my children to go for their dreams in a big way.
After all we only get one chance at this life.
What is it that inspires you the best?
I am inspired by my mentors, my clients and my industry peers. I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives on a daily basis, I dont take that for granted.
In your opinion, is it necessary to travel, to stay at the top of your profession?
Travel open up your mind to different cultures, styles and ways of life. I thnk this is really important to reach your maximum creativity as an artist. We are blessed with the internet today that we have instant access to the whole world, but nothing can compare to actually travelling to new places.
Which is the country more furtherst ahead in the field of hairstyling? And which is the country most famous for its hairstyling?
It really is hard to compare, I think so many countries start and lead trends in different areas. I think Australia has so many incredible leading hair stylists making their mark globally.
What has been the most important satisfaction you have received in your career?
Being voted Australian Bridal Hair Designer Of The Year, 6 times.
How is the relationship with your co-workers?
Excellent, I love my staff and team. I am a strong by fair employer who believes in helping my staff reach their full potential.
What do you tend to recommend more frequently to your Clients, cut or colour? And what do they ask you for most frequently?
Colour. What colour suits their features and face shape. My clients come back every 4 weeks, they always rebook before leaving the salon as they know my schedule fills up quickly.
Do you think that today is more important for a woman to be well dress or to have a good hair-style?
A woman always feels amazing if hair is done, no matter what she is wearing.
What is your message for “Queen International”?
The sky is the limit, dream big.