Interview with Dani Blakeley

Hairstylist Dani Blakeley

What first interested you about your profession?

Hairdressing is a creative job were I could use my hands, My Aunty was a hairdresser and I worked in her salon on Saturdays. I enjoyed the busy atmosphere  

Where do your inspiration comes from?

I draw my hair inspiration and style ideas from fashion designers that I follow. As well as street art and street fashion of my home, Melbourne.

How do your creations evolve?

My styles I create, slowly evolve from season to season, I believe if you have a certain style that influences you , you are able to create your own signature style, The only changes I would like is to keep creating a perfecting my looks.

How do you keep up to date with the latest creative trends?

I feel today that trends are very diverse and I can adapt new ideas easily to fit in with current trends. I try out a lot of my new ideas on mannequin heads and then implement them to my knew photographic collections. One of the main reasons that I do photographic collections is to keep pushing myself and  developing new trends.


What do you see as some of the main differences between the work o European stylists and those of your country?

I think we have a more casual approach to our hair compared to Europe, however I think my personal style of hair looks more European.

What’s been your guiding philosophy?

To have good ethics and stay true to yourself, and enjoy the journey rather than focusing to much on the destination.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

My biggest accomplishment is that of starting my salon Yoshiko Hair. To love to going to work everyday, embracing change. Having my work published next to my  greatest peers is also a highlight. Having created over ten national cut and colour collections for colour companies within Australia, including being the lead on L’Oreal Australia’s Blondefident campaign have been highlights.

What’s your secret to keeping Clients happy?

Being happy myself and enjoying my job. With exciting my clients about change by being excited about their hair.

What are your personal goals for the future?

I don’t believe in goals, I believe when we focus so much on a goal we forget to live and can miss the bigger picture.

What are the main differences between a hairdresser and a successful  hairstylist?

A successful hairdresser must be passionate and driven to constantly strive to be the best, and to be excited about their industry.

Hairstylist: Danielle Blakeley
Colourist: Danielle Blakeley
Make Up Artist: Kim Travares
Stylist: David Blakeley
Photographer: Peter Rosetzky

What inspires you the most?

My husband inspires me the best by teaching me constantly to care about humanity, I also get inspiration for all around me. Not just from hairdressing but art, design, nature etc… 

How is the relationship with your co-workers?

I have a small team of 5 and I love working with all of them. We are all different yet compliment each other. We work together well, by all working to our strengths and supporting each other in a team.